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Mechanical seal industry market
    Mechanical seal products are small, but the level of its technical performance and quality of the ascension and the revitalization of China's machinery industry is very important. Based on this understanding, is located in zhangjiagang free trade zone of private enterprises in jiangsu province -- - HuaQing mechanical seal co., LTD., in line with "based on small products, focus on the big equipment" concept of development, adhere to technological innovation, make the domestic mechanical seal technology breakthrough unceasingly. In recent years, its products by a handful of specification development to more than 80 series, more than 80 varieties, the enterprise for five consecutive years won the national mechanical products, the national quality supervision, inspection and certification. According to China's flood control and drainage, water pollution control and other large water conservancy engineering application demand, jiangsu asia-pacific pump industry group undertook the national ministry of water reso
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